Dr. Cayetano Gutiérrez - Famous apothecary in San Vicente, ALicante, Spain, founder and director of SkinClinic Cosmetics brand.

Dr. Cayetano Gutiérrez graduated from the University of Granada with Medicine and Pharmacy degree and since the days working in the lab when he had just graduated from university, he started to dream about Skin Clinic. Since 1989, Cayetano has cooperated with many specialists to develop specialized treatments, skin rejuvenation and cosmeceuticals.

Dr. Cayetano Gutierrez said: “With over 30 years of experience in apothecary, I always understand and listen to what my skin needs. Since then, I have launched a line of specialized and intensive products suitable for many different age groups. SkinClinic is always the first choice of experts and doctors in more than 30,000 clinics in Spain and Europe. The brand gradually asserted its pioneering position in the international cosmeceuticals industry. "

Since SkinClinic entered the Vietnamese market, Ipretty Group hold a series of "Companion with Agents" every year with the appearance of Dr. Cayetano Gutierrez et al. During these events, Mr. Cayetano himself shares information about the brand and answers the questions from the attendees.


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