Derma Production – Highly recommended by Dermatologists

Derma Production is a high-end cosmetic brand from Japan, known as a doctor for women's skin. Derma Production is the crystallization of traditional beauty secrets of Japanese women and rare ingredients extracted from East’s herbs. Each product uses a unique formula with a modern production process and high technologies for outstanding quality, high efficiency and safety for customers.

Derma Production is distributed in the Vietnamese market with outstanding product lines that provide collagen to the skin, prevent the aging process and preserve the youthful skin for Vietnamese women. Understanding the concern of preserving the youth skin, Derma Production always innovates and catches up with new cosmetic trends, researches precious medicinal herbs from nature (safflower pistil, pure gold,...) for outstanding results and meet the high skin care needs of women.

Optimum effectiveness, safety for the skin and always catch up the trend "fashionable" skincare with precious natural herbs, Derma Production is a great beauty care method for East Asia women.

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