1. Brand history

Meder Beauty Science - High-end cosmetic pharmaceutical brand from Switzerland was born in 2009, is the result of over 20 years working and researching on cosmetic pharmaceutics of the Apothecary, Doctor Tiina Orasmae- Meder.

Meder Beauty Science brings a variety method of non-invasive scientific treatment solutions, which have been recognized in many countries around the world.

Meder Beauty Science is a pioneer in the application of microbiological technology to beauty industry.

Meder beauty Science – Công thức làm đẹp từ vi sinh học

2. Brand strengths

Myo-Fix Treatment – Non-invasive wrinkle treatment solution

3. Brand’s motto

The values ​​of Meder Beauty Science are embodied by Cyber ​​Lady, a character created by contemporary artist Sasha Frolova. With the motto "everyone is unique and no one should be afraid". We combine contemporary art and science education for a better future.

Above all, we firmly believe that skin care cosmetics should be used to maintain each person's unique beauty, instead of changing their appearance to follow the latest trends.

Cyber ​​Lady – Hình tượng triết lý của thương hiệu

4. Brand’s journey

- Year 2006 : The first dermatological formulas and procedures created by Dr. Meder in collaboration with Cosmotec Laboratories, Switzerland. 

- 2009: Meder Beauty International Ltd was established and the first professional treatment based on myorelaxing peptides - Myo-Fix Treatment was launched. This method was later recognized by the British Association of Plastic Surgeons as a safe and truly effective alternative for patients who are unable to receive BTA injections.

- Mid 2013: Four new treatments were developed, of which Eu-Seb Treatment is the world's first prebiotic acne treatment with 100,000 successful treatments.

- End of 2013: Launched a line of home-use biotech skin care products extracted from natural plants that are good for skin health.

- 2014: Introduced micellar cleanser to market: Nrj-Net Cream and Net-Apax Gel for sensitive skin. They became Meder Beauty Science bestsellers and staples in customers' daily routines.

- 2015: Launched a special line of skin care products for the neck and chest area

- 2017: Launched the first anti-stress eye cream

- 2018: Launched Vita-Long Oil line and Red-Apax Treatment for rosacea disease

- 2019: Celebrated 10th birthday of Meder Beauty Science.

Meder Beauty Science được phát nghiên cứu và triển bởi Tiina Orasmae-Meder

5. Achievements - prestigious awards:

- 2018: Vita-Long Oil received the Best of Beauty award 

Vita-Long Oil product of Meder Beauty Science brand, received the prestigious Best of Beauty award from Russian Glamor Magazine, based on readers' votes, and was named the best solution for restoring lipid balance of the skin in the prevention of aging.

Vita-Long Oil received the Best of Beauty awardt from Russian Glamor Magazine

- 2020: Vita-Long Oil receives the Marie Claire Prix d'Excellence de la Beauté . award 

The Prix d'Excellence de la Beauté was founded 35 years ago by French beauty journalists and over the years has become one of the most prestigious awards in the beauty industry. 

French and national jury judges evaluate cosmetic products according to 5 criteria: innovation, efficiency, ease of use, good design and media.

In 2020, Vita-Long Oil received the Marie Claire Prix d'Excellence de la Beauté award..

Vita-Long Oil receives the Marie Claire Prix d'Excellence de la Beauté award

6. Meder Beauty Science is trusted in the world:

Since its inception, Meder Beauty Science's products have always been highly appreciated and trusted by professionals, journalists, and beauty bloggers.

Meder Beauty Science được tin dùng trên thế giới

7. Meder Beauty Science in Vietnam

Meder Beauty Science launched in Vietnam in 2012 and is exclusively distributed by Ipretty Group, bringing professional beauty products and treatments to Spas, beauty salons and Vietnamese consumers.

Doctor Tiina Orasmae-Meder attended Workshop to introduce Meder Beauty Science brand to Vietnamese consumers held by The 1986 in 2019

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