Honest Beauty Phép Màu Nuôi Dưỡng Má Hồng Tự Nhiên


Honest Beauty is an organic cosmetic brand with ingredients extracted from peony roots and natural seed oils, inspired by legendary beauties.

The elegant beauty, rosy cheekson smoothing white skin, it looks like the shy teenage girl at the blooming youth, become a blooming rose is the desire of any girls.

Honest Beauty's natural cheeks blush was made to create the beauty dream from legend to reality. It is the crystallization of 21st century cosmetic technology to create a natural pink color for the cheeks after 15 days of use, even makeup or not.

From natural ingredients to bring you natural beauty, Honest Beauty understands the balance between skin appearance issues and safe cosmetics problems, so we bring you skincare products that have both beauty and health benefits. With Honest Beauty, you even don't need makeup every day, all women can wake up the morning with shy pink cheeks or shimmering charm to welcome a brilliant new day.

Understanding and caring about Asian skin, catching up with the trend of pure natural skincare, Honest Beauty was quickly interested and warmly received from Beauty Bloggers and skin-loving followers in Vietnam as soon as it was launched on the market.


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