Woman Essentials

Woman Essentials

The world's first cosmetic and health care for women's private parts from Paris, France

A woman's private part is like a garden of paradise, a unique and very fragile place. Over time, hormonal changes by external effects such as: Dry itching, rubbing, stress, etc. that directly affect the beauty of this skin area. Even the most intimate areas, the skin become dull, loose, and lose elasticity and smoothness.

Although it is impossible to change the law of time, however it is possible to maintain and repair intimate injuries with guaranteed results, that is the purpose of the Woman Essentials brand. Remedials is proud to present the Woman Essentials brand as a successful partnership between us and the French National Institute of Science (CNRS, the world's leading research institute in 2014-2017, above Harvard Univesity).

Woman Essentials uses regenerative medicine from orchid stem cells which is well known for their skin regeneration and whitening functions by inhibiting tyrosinase. Combined with the humectant Hyaluronic Acid ensures the feature of preventing water loss, maintaining and hydrating for the skin. Combined with white water lily extract which is well known as the queen of antibacterial and tightening properties.

Woman Essentials – the women’s symbol

Woman Essentials is a women’s symbol, fully meeting the requirements of gynecological treatment in terms of aesthetics, as well as improving women's daily quality of life. Woman Essentials is approved by dermatologists and gynecologists with strictly clinically proven results. Our success is due to our work on tissue regeneration. All Woman Essentials products are validated for Vitro 3D modeling, a technology that studies human tissue in the laboratory, and are compatible with the vaginal epithelium. Woman Essentials meets the requirements of using safe materials, exclusive ingredients around the world and guarantees the highest standards of the first French brand of gynecological cosmetics.

The Sunshine is pround to be the exclusive distributor of Woman Essentials brand in Vietnam.

The product has been experienced by gynecologists and received the trust of women in many countries over the world.

Learn more about Woman Essentials here: https://womanessentials.vn/


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