Mango Drop

Mango Drop is a cosmetic brand from Korea, this brand's products are researched and developed from natural ingredients with advanced technology. Mango Drop has launched specialized product lines for skin, hair, and cleansing.

The shape is the first priority then skin - with Asian eyes, a nice body with healthy white skin is Beautiful. The healthy white skin helps you look younger, more attractive, more prominent in all circumstances, so you are confident to achieve many successes in life.

Opening up a new generation of skincare trends and uncovering the hidden beauty of women with a product formula based on Korean science. With pure natural extracts distilled from the precious nutrients for Asian skin. Mango Drop accompanies you in improving your beauty treatment experience and skincare inspiration every day!

Mango Drop Shower Cream whitens skin and breaks the stereotypes of a less secure physical instant treatment. Create a completely new and sustainable body skincare routine with nutrients from natural ingredients.  

With Mango Drop products, skincare is not only about boring regular skincare but it is the joy of awakening your inner energy and beauty every day. Let your skin and hair really shine with gently pure, natural products from Mango Drop - the Korean brand brings the transformation of intensive, safe, and natural skincare.

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