Ultra V is one of the large corporations specializing in manufacturing and supplying medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical equipment, headquarter is base in Korea. This is also the birthplace of the biological thread Ultra V Lift, which is popular in non-invasive aesthetics and a globally famous brand, invented and developed by Professor - Doctor Kwon Han Jin.

It can be said that Ultra V is the pioneer brand in the application of Idebenone active ingredient in anti-aging skin. It is well known that vitamin C is a key ingredient in many skin lightening and anti-oxidant cosmetics products, and it was defined in many people's subconscious. 

With antioxidants, skin lightening effects, people immediately think of vitamin C. However, Idebenone has been shown to have 4 times more antioxidant power than vitamin C (According to the research results of the American Dermatology Association). After knowing this, which one would you choose between these two ingredients? Easy to say, you will choose the one that gives better results.

You can easily find the ingredient Idebenone found in most Ultra V product lines: from the DDK home skincare line, to the intensive skin treatment line (meso). Idebenone helps to solve aging skin problems, prevents oxidation, rejuvenates skin, brightens skin, fades wrinkles, much more powerful than the anti-oxidant active ingredients we are familiar with before.

For many consecutive years accompanying Miss Korea, and beauty contests in Korea. Ultra V is proud to be a high-class, prestigious and quality cosmetic brand. Always the perfect choice for Korean beauty representative.

In every beauty contest, the first thing and also the necessary condition for success. It is the appearance that attracts others, from the beautiful first impress you have the opportunity to show your talents, help women "shine" anytime, anywhere, attracts all eyes. That is also the reason why Ultra V has chosen to accompany Miss Korea for many years, help women "shine" anytime, anywhere, attracts all eyes. 


Professor Kwon Han Jin, a medical doctor, is considered "a master of non-surgical aesthetics, and the father of the globally famous thread Ultra V Lift technology. Popular in the world, GS Kwon was known as “Dr. Kwon of Ultra V” - World famous anti-aging specialist, has successfully developed anti-aging cosmetic lines. He has awarded many achievements in the field of cosmetology and created a great reputation.

Working experience of Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin

  • President of the International Medical Aesthetic Association.
  • Vice President of Stem Cell Therapy Association - Korea
  • General Secretary of Anti-Aging Skin Association - Korea
  • Professor of Seokyung University - Korea.
  • Professor of Cosmetology and Beauty Training College - Korea.
  • Specializing in Plastic Surgery, Endocosmetic Dermatology.
  • Member Administer Board of Private Medical Association - Korea
  • Training Director of Wellbeing Aesthetic Association - Korea
  • CEO of Dermaster Clinic system with 16 branches worldwide

In addition, Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin also participated and held many important positions in other organizations.

Achievements and awards Dr Kwon Han Jin has won

  • The Korean Innovation Award 2019 was awarded by the National Assembly of Korea
  • 2016 Korea Top Leadership Award, presented by Yonhap Daily.
  • 2016 Korea's Best Product and CSI Technology Award, awarded by Sports Donga
  • 2016 Leading Brand and Industry Award by Sports Seoul
  • S&M Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016 by Hankook Ilbo
  • Future Management Award 2016 by Herald Business
  • 2015 Korean Beauty Industry Award by Hankook Ilbo
  • Top Laser Treatment Doctor of 2006 and 2007, Reliant Inc., USA

As a leading brand, Ultra V has continuously worked on research and development to bring new technologies and innovative products to the international market. Each product created by Ultra V is the golden key to preserve a woman's youth forever.

Learn more about Ultra V DDK here: https://ultravddk.vn/ Ultra V DDK at: https://ultrav.vn


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