SkinClinic - European cosmetics conquer Asian skin

European cosmetics conquer Asian skin

In a small town of San Vicente, Alicante (Spain), a dream about SkinClinic shaped in the lab of student Cayetano Gutiérrez who just graduated from the University of Granada with a medical degree. Since 1989, Cayetano has cooperated with many specialists to develop specialized treatments, skin restoration and cosmeceuticals.

For 30 years of development, SkinClinic has launched about 10 product lines for skin care and restoration. In which, the specialized lines of melasma treatment products following expert standards such as Melanyc, Melanyc Daily, Melanyc Peptide and M Cream have contributed to the brand's famous. Besides focusing on melasma, SkinClinic also pays attention to a variety of comprehensive skin health protection treatments, suitable for many different age groups. In Europe particularly, its product is used in more than 30,000 clinics. It gradually expanded from Spain to Asian countries such as Korea and Hong Kong. SkinClinic products are also used at the National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology and more than 100 beauty salons and spas over Vietnam.

Pioneer in PRP technology

Mr. Cayetano only focused on true therapeutic effects instead of mass production. That is the reason helps SkinClinic Cosmetics affirm its position in therapeutic cosmetics market and get more recommendations from professionals. A big step of SkinClinic in 2019 is to apply PRP technology, also known as “autologous stem-cell transplantation" into its products. This is a method where platelet-rich plasma is injected into the damaged skin. The name Serum PRP carries SkinClinic's new mission in 2019 and opens up a new era and trend in the international pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Why do you choose SkinClinic products?

1. SkinClinic products meet GMP standards

GMP standards ensure that manufacturers always make products as registered quality and safe for users. In 2004, in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health issued Decision No. 3886/2004/QD-BYT on implementing the principles and standards of “Good manufacturing practice" for modern medicines valid effectively until the end of 2010. It is compulsory for all enterprises producing external drugs and herbal medicines to meet GMP-WHO.

All 146 SkinClinic products are certified to European GMP standards

Accordingly, the SkinClinic brand has met the European GMP standard and certified by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices. To get GMP certificate, cosmetic products must meet the standards of raw materials, effects and safety process applied to the entire company, namely: Personnel; Factory; Device; Production process; Product quality (sample testing); Inspection (raw materials, semi-finished products, products, worker manipulation, supplier evaluation, hygiene); and Handling nonconforming products, resolving customer complaints.

All 146 SkinClinic products are GMP certified, complying with European regulations on pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. SkinClinic products are legally distributed in Spain and the European Union (EU).

2. SkinClinic products do not contain corticosteroids, hormones or any other harmful additives

The pharmaceutical-cosmetic products of unknown origin still exist in the market because they meet the psychology of a number of consumers who want to buy products at low prices with extremely fast effects. Some ingredients in cosmetics with cheap and fast effect including corticosteroids and hormones. 

Corticosteroids have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-sensitizing, anti-allergic, anti-poisoning and immunosuppressive effects. Using cosmetics containing corticosteroids, the skin becomes white and smooth very quickly in 1 day after application. Acne disappear, spots, freckles, wrinkles fade, the skin just be perfect within one - two weeks. However, when suddenly stopping products containing corticosteroids will cause skin issues to relapse, causing severe skin damage, which is also very difficult to retrospect. Using pharmaceutical cosmetics containing corticosteroids causes extremely serious complications, sometimes irreversible.

SkinClinic products do not contain corticosteroids, hormones or any other harmful additives

Hormone (nội tiết tố) là một chất được tiết ra bởi một hoặc nhiều tế bào trong cơ thể. Các chất này có tác dụng gửi các tín hiệu từ tế bào/ cơ quan này đến các mô/cơ quan khác thông qua đường máu để thực hiện chức năng vốn có tại cơ quan tiếp nhận.  Chỉ cần lượng rất nhỏ hormone trong mỹ phẩm sẽ có tác động rất nhanh, nhưng nếu dùng trong sản phẩm tiêm có thể đưa lượng hormone vào máu và làm mất cân bằng nội tiết, ảnh hưởng nghiêm trọng đến hoạt động sinh lý trong cơ thể.

And SkinClinic has been certified to not contain corticosteroids, hormones or any other harmful additives.  

3. Ingredients do not contain pork extract, bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Plant/animal extracts are often common ingredients that add nutrients to human skin. In which ingredients such as lard, pig collagen will also be served for this work. However, the ingredients in SkinClinic products are certified as do not contain port extract, suitable for Muslims as well. 

Besides, bovine collagen is also one of the ingredients that can replace human collagen. In SkinClinic products, bovine collagen is used, but has passed strict control regulations to ensure the ingredients are not contaminated with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). 

4. SkinClinic takes 2 years to research a product

Since entering the Vietnamese market, every year SkinClinic has hold a series of "Companion with agents” with the appearance of Dr. Cayetano Gutierrez et al. During these events, Mr. Cayetano shared information about the products as well as answer any questions from the attendees. 

According to Dr. Cayetano Gutiérrez, Every SkinClinic product is taken 2 years of research

At the event "Companion with agents” by SkinClinic in 2018, Mr. Cayetano said: “Each SkinClinic product brought to the market has been researched for 2 years under strict process: From the client's skin problem to the dermatology clinic, to the SkinClinic Lab, to clinical test and the final result is a product to completely solve a skin problem. Therefore, SkinClinic is always confident in product quality "Because we understand what your skin needs".

It's no coincidence that a brand of cosmeceuticals can last for almost 30 years and be prescribed in over 50 countries. SkinClinic with the principle of "Understanding what your skin needs" has seriously focused on the effectiveness of treatment to affirm its brand position and gain the trust of consumers.

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