Ms.Naoko Hiki

Ms. Naoko Hiki - CEO of Mediplorer Cosmetics brand

Ms. Naoko Hiki is the daughter of the founder of Mediplorer cosmetics brand - Dr., dermatologist Masato Hiki. Currently, she is a Senior Advisor and CEO of Mediplorer.

During the press conference to launch Mediplorer cosmetic brand in Vietnam held by Ipretty Group, Ms. Naoko Hiki have meeting to exchanged and shared about the Mediplorer brand history, the uniqueness and great beauty benefits of CO2 Gel Mask - The world's first CO2 Gel Mask

Mediplorer has been operating for 23 years. After many years of witnessing human aging, Mediplorer set out on a mission to research and make products to improve people skin for younger, brighter looks.


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