Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin - President of the International Association of Medical Aesthetics, founder and president of Ultra V Group, the inventor of the world's No.1 absorbable thread - Ultra V Lift.

Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin is a dermatologist, cosmetologist, and famous scientist in the international cosmetology world. He has achieved many achievements in the field of cosmetology and being famous.

Dr Kwon is considered a “gifted cosmetic doctor" when he has raised the beauty level for many celebrities. In Korean and Vietnamese showbiz, absolutely no surgery, no cutlery.

Working experience of Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin

In addition, Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin also participated and held many important positions in other organizations.

The titles and awards that Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin has achieved

Dr. Kwon Han Jin also appears regularly on Korean TV channels such as SBS, MBC, KBS, MBN... Talking about a variety of cosmetic topics ranging from children's hair loss; Scars, pigmentation and cardiovascular diseases; stem cells; Cosmetic Surgery; etc.

Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin is fully certificated practice in Vietnam

In the Vietnamese market, Dr. Kwon was granted a medical practice certificate by the Minister of Health in 2019.

This certificate is issued to domestic agencies, organizations and individuals and foreign organizations and individuals in Vietnam. Carry out activities related to medical examination and treatment in Vietnam. The holder of this certificate will be responsible for the professional and technical expertise of the medical examination and treatment at the medical examination and treatment places, all the activities at the medical examination and treatment places under the holder’s control and they bear complete responsibility to law.

Ipretty Group is proud to be the exclusive partner who hold technology transfer courses of cosmetic thread from Ultra V Lift that is directly guided and supervised by Professor, Doctor Kwon Han Jin. He directly supervises every step in the practice of the doctors to ensure that the doctors know the technique of using the thread properly to get good results, bring the best aesthetic effect to the customer.


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